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.:This means war:. by Vikkerz
by Vikkerz

So, I decided to critique this because I like to help fellow deviants like you. Please don't take this badly, this drawing isn't at al...

Early Christmas by nikicorny

So, this is my first time doing a critique for a Nendoroid, and I love Nendoroids so I'm super excited. I'm jealous of your Snow Miku ...

+Madoka+ by Psyconorikan

So, I watched this anime twice and I loved it, I guess I could call myself a fan. I thought that this was awesome, and it's a very rea...

Yellow Rays by AljoschaThielen

This is just amazing. It looks almost magical. I love how the light reflects on the trees and everything is golden. You captured it fro...


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622 / 1,000
i am so ashamed of this account oh my god

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My turn.

My rules are the same.

Here are the questions:

1. Do you like top ramen -Is eating it right now-
If so, what is your favorite?

2. Do you like Santana? -Listening to him right now-

3. Are you pissed, like me, about the fact that Riku's hair is cut in KHDDD????

4. Cats or Rabbits?

5. Japanese or Chinese?

6. Do you like .Hack//?

7. What's your worst fear ( Horror creature wise )?

8. How tired are you right now on a scale of 1-10? Because I'm an 15. - w-

9. If you could be with one anime character for the rest of your life. Who would it be?

10. Aren't you glad this is over?

1. Uhm, what's 'top ramen'? I've only eaten regular ramen ||D
2. I have no idea who he is, sorry. //shotdead
3. If that's Kingdom Hearts, I've never played it before ;w;
4. I like cats. But rabbits are cute too. so yeah.
5. Well, I prefer Japanese culture-wise but I have adopted chinese friends so yus.
6. Sorry, I've been dead in a hole for eleven years so I can't answer that. 8D
7. Can I say angry people as my answer? :3
8. OVER 9000!!!1!!!11! Nah, I'd say... 6. ^^
9. Oh boy, that's a tricky one. Hmmm... I guess I would be Homura Akemi. That's a horrible choice though, her life is depressing. But y'know, she's boss so yuh.
10. I actually enjoyed it! :D
Kay, same rules.
1. Do you know any weaboos? Y'know, 'OMG KEL-CHAN YOU'RE SO KAWAII DESU!11!!1!! WANNA READ YAOI WITH ME?!?!!1'
2. Am I the only one who finds the Annoying Orange FUCKING OVERRATED?
3. Do you like Coldplay? *pinches your cheeks*
4. Have you ever watched Invader ZIM? ovo
5. Are you stalking me? c:
6. What would you do if you won the lottery?
7. Okay, so if you could switch bodies (LOLOLOL) with any Anime character, who would they be?
9. Who's yo favorite VOCALOID? ovo

:iconarcticvelvet: (sorry idk who you are, apparently I had to do one of :iconobliviousdoll:'s tags)
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Coldplay
  • Reading: My Journal I just wrote.
  • Watching: My sister play with her toys.
  • Playing: On my laptop!
  • Eating: Saliva
  • Drinking: Saliva and air

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